Our relief trip is finally underway

Our relief team finally arrived in Kathmandu after 35 hrs of travel. Date: Sunday May 31st, 2015 NST.

DH Board Arrived in TIA

Our relief trip is finally underway, we arrive in Kathmandu on Sunday night to start the much needed work our supporters have made possible. Date: Friday May 29th, 2015 MST.

DH Board at DIA


Developing Hands Announces $100,000 – 30 Days Fundraising Goal for Earthquake Relief Fund

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we are on track to meet our goal of raising $15,000 in the first week of our campaign.  There are 2 main drivers for this success.  First, many supporters are friends, family, neighbors, and business associates who know us and trust us.  Second, with all the potential for earthquake relief supplies to not reach its intended recipients, we will be directly overseeing the spending of donations and are flying to Nepal to support our relief effort in person.  But our existing network of amazing supporters and Facebook shares can only get us so far.

We can do better.  Drawing off the momentum we’ve already built, we really want to challenge ourselves, and you, to make a major impact in Mankha. We are asking our existing supporters to reach out to their network and expand awareness of our campaign. Not through facebook posts or forwarding mass emails, but by talking with just a few of those you know who may be in the best position to give.  Pick up the phone or grab lunch and talk about our campaign, and share the letter from our Treasurer posted here. If you trusted us enough to give us money, tell them that. If you aren’t in a position to give right now, this could be your contribution. Explain how their donations will be handled with care, and how great the need is in Mankha.  All donations are valued, and we especially need higher value donations if we are to make this goal.

Thank you again for the outpouring of support. We are humbled and grateful.

Nepal Earthquake $100k Campaign Letter: Please click here to read.

Nepal Earthquake $100k Campaign

                              Nepal Earthquake $100k Campaign Letter

I have a family, mortgage, and college bills coming up in a few short years. I also have no job, no trust fund, and a severance package that will be spent in a few months. So why did I just spend $1500 on a plane ticket to Nepal where I will be sleeping in a muddy tent, during monsoon season, in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake instead of enjoying a leisurely sabbatical?

Because I remembered how much I love working at something I’m passionate about. After 18 years at a large corporation, it can slip your mind.

I’m also the treasurer of Developing Hands, a Boulder Colorado based non-profit established to build schools in Nepal. We are a small grass roots organization, operating on a 100% volunteer basis, that’s pretty good at drinking microbrews and raising a little money. Most of our fundraising comes from running a beer garden at the Boulder Creek Festival, hosting a concert series at local pub/restaurants, and throwing the occasional fundraiser with silent auctions. Usually at a microbrewery.

We finally contracted last year to build our first school in Mankha through our Denver based partner, Namlo International. Namlo is a little bigger than us, has a few staff in Kathmandu, and actually knows how to build a school. Mankha is in the Sindhupalchok District of central Nepal. It’s a rural location and is one of the least developed districts of Nepal, just off the Arniko highway that leads northeast from Kathmandu to Tibet.   It was going pretty well actually. In March two of our board members bought plane tickets to travel to Mankha at the end of May for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Then on April 25, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal killing thousands and destroying infrastructure and lives.

An estimated 95% of the structures in the Sindhupalchok district are collapsed and in shambles. It has the highest death count in Nepal, even more than Kathmandu. Nearly everyone is homeless and in need of shelter, food, and emergency supplies. Aid is slowly flowing into Nepal, but is largely focused on more populated areas and if any aid ever reaches Mankha, it will be limited and late.

And this follows a massive landslide in Mankha in August 2014, where over 160 people were killed. Most of those villagers were buried in the slide and could never be recovered.

Our nearly completed school is still standing, albeit with significant damage, but school is a far cry down from survival. Now what?

Well, our board held a meeting and left with a call to action. The trip did not cancel, in fact it was extended. The celebratory trip became a disaster relief trip. I was skeptical at first. I mean, what can a few gringos whose only skill may be serving beer while collecting tips for Nepal actually do in Nepal?

Well, so much amazing momentum, support, planning, and logistics has materialized that 3 days later I bought my plane ticket to join my compadres. And set a goal to raise $100,000 in 30 days, which is when we start our trek to the Himalaya’s. I may not have a job, but I do have time on my hands, and our Developing Hands crew can pretty resourceful.

Developing Hands has no paid staff, no office rent, and very few expenses. When we raise $100,000, every penny is going to be spent bringing in and distributing relief supplies. We will be in country with our partner Namlo International, managing the disbursements and ensuring that the goods your donations procure will get to the people needing it in our adopted village of Mankha. And we have plenty of help lined up in both in Colorado and Kathmandu.

So how can you help us make crazy into reality, while getting the most bang for your donated buck? Go to the Developing Hands Earthquake Relief Fund web page at http://www.developinghands.org/helpnepal/ and donate. Then ask your friends and family to support our cause as well. Don’t just share it on Facebook, call them and actually explain our campaign if you believe in what we’re doing. Send them this letter. We appreciate each and every donation – but we’re only going to get to $100k in 30 days by keeping the big donations rolling in. We need zero’s, and donations are tax deductible.

Next – follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DevelopingHands. We are posting regular updates during our fundraising cycle, and will continue with pictures and video during our time on the ground in Nepal. We leave May 29, and land back in Colorado June 18. You can also look back at our previous fundraising events, and the progress that our school was making.

Do you like helping impoverished kids and earthquake victims and drinking beer? Sign up for a shift in our beer garden at http://www.developinghands.org/boulder-creek-festival-developing-hands-beer-tent/ over Memorial Day weekend during Boulder Creek Fest. We’re in the library parking lot near the stage.

Click on donate, and help save the village of Mankha. We’ll take care of the hard part.

With gratitude,

Steve Peterson

Treasurer, Developing Hands



Earthquake Relief Fund for Nepal

Please donate to Developing Hands Disaster Relief Fund in support of the immediate need for funds and life sustaining supplies resulting from the devastating earthquake on April 25.  Our school, currently under construction in Mankha, is in the region most affected by the earthquake, with deaths in the thousands and 100% structure loss in some areas.  With most of the current rescue and relief efforts focused on Kathmandu and larger cities, the outlying villages will have much more limited support. Developing Hands immediate mission is now disaster relief for our adopted village.

 Several board members already had a previously planned trip at the end of May 2015 to celebrate the school opening. They will still be going, but now with the critical task of coordinating food, water, medical supplies, shelter, and financial support.  Financial donations will be carried over in our hands, and placed directly in the hands of those most affected in Mankha (Sindhupalchok) in the form of cash or supplies. Developing Hands is 100% volunteer based, and we are committing all donated funds to this effort. You give a dollar, Mankha receives a dollar.  Thank you for your support.


Mankha Secondary School – Construction – Completed!

Shree Saraswati High School, Mankha, Sindhupalchowk – Project has been successfully completed. The inauguration ceremony was on February 15th, 2017.

SSS_Mankha SSS_Mankhaa

We are extremely happy to share the news that the construction work has finally been completed after a long wait. Our school was nearing completion before the devastating earthquake damaged the physical structure of the building. We started the repair work again after waiting over a year following the new building code set by government. Inauguration Ceremony is scheduled for February 15th, 2017. Below are few of the most recent pictures of the school building. Thank you to all our team members, volunteers and donors who donated their valuable time, effort and donation to make this great cause possible. Now more than 300 kids in Mankha will be able to benefit from our school. Thank you!Mankha SchoolMankha School

Before the Paint work:

Mankha School0

More Updates to follow here:

Repair work of our School in Mankha has started again as of November 1st week. we will update more as we learn from Nepal contact. Please check back for more updates.

Thank you!


We finally have a picture of our new school in Mankha that was nearing completion. It is damaged, but we are told structurally sound and can be repaired! Unfortunately, the rest of Mankha isn’t. DH Board members will be there to support the villagers in Mankha. We didn’t cancel our trip rather we extended our trip by a week to help. We will be there to help with reconstruction of village now instead of School Grand Opening Ceremony.

DH built school in Mankha after Earthquake

Mankha Secondary School – Construction Update – started in November 2014 and estimated completion date of June, 2015.

– Some recent pictures of Mankha School  Construction: Great news as the 1st floor is almost complete and we are very hopeful that the 2nd story will be completed before our trip. Can’t wait to go there!

Carrying material for pillar Mixing materials for pillar Sangmu at work place School building constraction progress(2) School building constraction progress(3) School buildingconstraction progress Side view (2) Side view Tieing rebar for pillar Wall construction Working for pillar

All materials mixing At work, Carrying material Carrying aggreegrate to mix with cement Carrying material for RCC Slav Carrying material Carrying matrial with Namlo Carrying mixed material Carrying tin for RCC Slav Children with happy face Children with Sangmu Children Community contribution Labeling the RCC slav (2) labeling the RCC Slav Left side view Material mixing Mixing material Mr. & Ms Principal at work Prepared for RCC Slav (2) Prepared for RCC slav Refreshment Side view Students at class Women at work Women, carrying material Work completed

Aggreegrate unloading Building on construction Carrying bamboo Carrying wood to safe place Construction of wall Cutting wood Loading wood in truck Managing aggreegrate Sangmu Sherpa Observing Sangmu Sherpa pushing wood Sangu Sherpa suggesting to skilled labor School principal carrying wood Side view Unloading sand Unloading woods for frames Unloading View from inside View from left side View from right side View from top Wood cutting Wood for frames for first floor Rcc slav Working on wood

– Helpers and students are working hard to help build the school…we can’t wait to see it built.

Wall construction Teachers at work Students made two lines to carry stones Students in uniform are carrying stones Sangmu was sharing for distance of wires on rod Sangmu Sherpa, Carrying materials Sangmu is observing of construction Principal at working Mixing sand, cement _ other materials for concreting Construction of walls Concrete completed Concrete completed (2) Concerting Carrying sand Carrying materials for concreting Carrying material (2) Carrying aggregrate Aggregrate carrying







Blessing Ceremony of the School Site:

DH Funded School in Nepal

DH Funded School in Nepal

Marking off the new Building:

DH Funded School in Nepal


Shree Saraswati Secondary School, Mankha, ward no. 4, Sindhupalchok, Nepal

Land for New School in Mankha

Land for New School in Mankha

Land for New School in Mankha – old school showing in the background